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our engagement photos!

As promised. ;) After hunting around for quite awhile and never really settling on a photographer, I ran into Danielle with Danielle Elizabeth Photography at a bridal show and immediately went home and looked up her work. I fell in …

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oh hi.

I know, I know. It’s been a REALLY long time. I made it a goal at the beginning of the year to blog more. I haven’t. Honestly? I’m fine with it. I’ve spent the last six months trying to figure …

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our first family photos.

Okay soooo.. These were about two months ago. But I love them so damn much that I’m posting them here anyway and just know that there are a LOT. Huge thanks to Rachel at Rachel Photographs for spending a few …

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2014, in a nutshell.

First off.. I just want to say THANK YOU to everyone who left a kind comment on my previous post, whether it was here, Facebook, instagram, twitter, or text. For some reason I was thinking I’d get a lot of …

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I neglected my blog for awhile. (I know.. “Duh.”) I’ve had a great few months spending time with my little family and there are zero regrets! The last few weeks, however, I’ve missed blogging. I have a lot to share, …

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cordelia sue’s birth story.

This is the birth story of our sweet Cordelia. It is a long story, because we had a long and complicated birth with various tales. I thought about writing out a cliff’s notes version for the blog but in the …

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for sale :: Canon 5D Mark III

UPDATE : Camera has been sold! Thank you to everyone who shared! :) Hey guys! I’ve been looking into selling my primary camera to get caught up on some bills (no worries, we have another camera and I’ll be re-buying …

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take a break.

Spring always brings a strange combination of relief and stress for me. I thrive off of the nicer weather but my busy season picks up quickly and I find myself scrambling to keep up. (I have a wedding and three …

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bohemian stylized workshop w/ rachel photographs :: $170 flash sale!

Happy Friday, guys! Just a reminder to all my Oklahomies that are wanting to dip into the wedding photo industry and/or have a fun day of shooting in OKC: My friend Rachel still has a few spots left for her …

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photography workshop + bohemian stylized shoot (w/ rachel photographs)

You guuuuuyys, I’m so excited to share this! One of my great friends, Rachel of Rachel Photographs, is hosting an insanely awesome stylized wedding workshop in OKC next month. She’s been sharing details with me while she’s been planning everything …

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yes and yes feature :: real life style icon

So flattered this morning to be featured on the lovely Yes and Yes blog! To be honest, it made me miss blogging quite a bit. You can check out the article here!

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i’m alive! ;)

Sorry for the insanely long blogging hiatus! I promise I plan on getting back into the swing of things, I’ve just been hibernating my way through winter and haven’t felt like doing much other than sleeping and reading in front …

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february mini session sale :: 50% off!

Last year in February I offered a discount on mini sessions for couples, and I had so much fun with it that I’ve decided to make it a yearly tradition. :) This deal is ONLY available through the month of …

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a little quiz.

I forgot to schedule a post for today, but I love these little quizzes so.. Happy Wednesday. ;) 1. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Feed animals! 5 dogs first, then I feed our 3 …

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a frozen state

It’s kind of funny to be sharing these photos now when we’ve had 60 degree temperatures the last week or so. I took these during our ice storm last month and never got around to sharing them, but I just …

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photography essentials for the beginner

One of the perks of being in this business for awhile is being approached by people with a genuine interest in photography wanting to know…well…where to start. There are an overwhelming amount of options out there, from lenses to software …

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wedding photography :: 20% off flash sale!

Hey newly engaged couples! ‘Tis the season for engagements (yay!) so I’m excited to announce I’m having my first FLASH SALE on all my wedding packages! I am offering 20% off all wedding loveliness for the next two weeks…you have …

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fort nightdweller 5.0

  It’s that time of year again! For some reason I just have a ridiculous amount of traditions in December. My favorite, however, is my annual blanket fort that I set up in my living room. The dogs have used …

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ground clouds, part 3.

    Forever a lover of foggy mornings.

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2013 christmas wishlist.

    The Bourne Trilogy :: Once I finish up the Song of Ice and Fire series (I feel like they go on forever!), I want to hop into this trilogy. I’ve never seen the movies, but I’ve heard great …

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website woes and sponsorship info. (psst.. there are promo codes!)

      So this week I learned that managing a website is stressful. I’ve had some issues with high server loads and my site shutting down off and on for about a month, but for whatever reason it got …

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ground clouds. (fall edition)

      Happy November! Does anyone else feel like October just kind of slipped away? Yikes.   I opened my windows Monday morning and was greeted by a thick layer of fog. I always love the way fog makes …

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happy 3rd birthday fashionABLE!

    Some IJP readers that have been around for a few years know that I spent one month every summer (out of three summers) working alongside a variety of people in Ethiopia. In a month’s time, I was surrounded …

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what i wore :: neutrals.

        • black tank :: h&m • • belt, jeans, booties :: target • • necklace :: doxahlogy • • sunglasses :: forever21 • • bag :: modcloth •     Somewhere in the world there is …

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fall necessities.

  Most years I’m pretty indifferent about fall. Sure, the leaves are pretty and the cooler temps are always welcome, but to me fall just means “Winter is coming.” (Any Game of Thrones fans? ha!)   For some reason I …

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recent shoots.


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papasan chair lust.

    01. // 02. // 03.   I had completely forgotten about these things until a friend posted a picture of hers on instagram (darn you, Hannah!) and now I’m convinced I NEED one. Do I know where to …

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advertise in september!

      This little spot on the web focuses on photography, personal style, and the little bits that make life beautiful. (And naturally there are a lot of dog photos too.) If you’re interested in advertising your blog or …

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remember myspace surveys?

      While I haven’t jumped back on the Myspace train (actually, is anyone even jumping back on that train?) I used to LOVE those silly Myspace surveys. Kaleigh posted this Myspace-esque survey last week and I decided to …

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taking up residence.

    Fair warning: There are creepy crawlies up ahead! If you have a bit of arachnophobia you might skip this post. ;)         Lately a bunch of these Garden Spiders (I’ve been calling them Banana Spiders …

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