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the sky’s still blue.

We had a few warm days not too long ago and I had Cora outside as much as possible. The only downside to having a fall baby is by the time they’re old enough to enjoy being outside, it’s sooo …

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snow day, 2013.

    I kind of forgot to post these photos from our snow day at the beginning of the month…whoops! Better late than never, I guess. :) We woke up early and made some waffles, then spent a large majority …

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photo an hour.

    The last time I shared a “photo an hour” post I found myself chuckling a little at some of the “your life looks so easy” remarks I got.. I guess I should have mentioned at some point that …

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photo an hour.

    (Woke up at 7:30am but forgot a photo!) 8:30am :: Day 1 of my third attempt at C25K. haha   9:30am :: Breakfast (poached eggs, whole wheat toast, OJ, and breakfast tea with coconut milk)   10:30am :: …

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the swing of things.

  For Christmas a couple of years ago my mom got me a huge hammock stand and a large hammock to go with it. I spend a large majority of spring laying there listening to music, in the summer I …

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photo an hour.

  I haven’t done a photo an hour post in awhile, which is a shame considering I actually really do enjoy doing it. I’m already thinking of 2014 goals (always thinking way too far ahead!) and I think it’d be …

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fair enough.

        Mark and I finally made our way up to the state fair last night! We were both a little leary, as last year’s trip ended pretty badly. (Um, don’t eat the jalapeno cheese curds.) I’m happy …

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stupid reasons i don’t take enough personal photos.

      After reading through responses from my survey not too long ago, I realized that literally almost ALL of you wanted to see more personal photos. I got to thinking how rare it is for me to carry …

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petri gets a new beginning.

    Guys.. I am an awful car owner.     I put off changing my oil until I’m several thousand miles over, I wait until I’m running on virtually no tread before I get new tires, I throw trash …

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apple pie.

      Just because. :)  

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sunday brunch.

                      From Sunday before last. Blueberry pancakes with fresh strawberries and a little peanut butter for good measure. And Friends, because I mean…best show ever.

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grow wild.

            They’re about 6 weeks later than usual, but the wildflowers are finally popping up in my field. I’ve spotted lots of prairie ragwort, queen anne’s lace, indian paintbrushes, and blue vetch. New ones are …

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april showers bring may flowers, may showers just bring chaos.

                  Last week we had the craziest, most out of the blue rainstorm. One minute it was just a bit foggy, the next my house was pitch black and rain was coming …

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garden dreams.

          I’ve never particularly been into gardening, despite my love for being outside, but for some reason I was bitten by the gardening bug last month. I’m dreaming of green grass, full flower beds, some watermelons, …

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a late lark singing.

          I filled up another inspiration journal last week, so it was time to construct a new one. I opted for a nice pallet on the floor with the windows open and the new Onerepublic album …

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sunday brunch.

          A few months ago I came across Chalk White Arrow and found myself envying all her weekend brunch posts. I love that they take time to make a meal, sit down, enjoy it, and watch …

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clark gobble.

      This magnificent beast still pokes around my yard some mornings, pecking at the ground and yelling at the lady turkeys. So I named him Clark Gobble.  

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it’s the little things.

                            …like a newly arranged living room (I’ve never successfully found a rearrangement I like!), some new greenery and flowers, and new curtains in the bedroom and …

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photo an hour.


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turkey time.

        One of the joys/downfalls of country living is the wildlife that meanders up into your yard. I’ve woken up several mornings this month with these guys waddling around my driveway. Check out that tom! He’s as …

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buried in books, bathed in light.

            Spring is peeking it’s head around the corner! And I may be reading too many books. And I might have too many journals. But then I’m not sure there is such a thing.  

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morning rituals.

                    I know there aren’t many “morning people” out there, but I totally am one. I think one of my greatest blessings is being able to work from home and get …

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dogs in forts >> pt. 2

                  For some reason these photos from mid-December ended up in a random folder on my desktop and I just found them. I took my fort down at the end of last …

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christmas traditions.

                I promise this is my last Christmas post!   While I have a handful of Christmas traditions with my own family, it was kind of fun coming up with new ones with …

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festival of lights.

                                Woke up early Friday morning to make breakfast and found the disco ball in my living room lighting up the entire ceiling. Later that …

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merry christmas! (better late than never, right?)

  Sorry things have been a little quiet around here the last few days! I had planned on scheduling a few posts around Christmas but ended up having a crazy busy holiday weekend. Mark and I spent a ridiculous amount …

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dust gets red, and red dust plays on the wind.

  The weather shifts around pretty frequently around these parts. When it does, the wind picks up and blows all the red dirt until this cloud of dust makes everything have an eerie red tint.   We’re expecting another freeze …

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winter wonderland.

  Triple date night! Mark and I met up with the Wheelers and the Bewleys last Wednesday to do Christmas-y things, like ice skating, looking at Christmas lights, visiting the giant Christmas ornaments by the Devon building, and eating Mexican …

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decked halls.

  Hello December! This year sure has flown by. I put my Christmas decor up the day before Thanksgiving this year and figured I’d share photos. I wouldn’t consider myself a scrooge or anything, but I’m not a huge fan …

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thanksgiving baking.

  I was put on pie duty for the second Thanksgiving in a row. So last Wednesday while Mark was snoozing away, I baked two pecan pies and a big pumpkin pie. My house smelled heavenly! That is until Mark …

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