about amanda

I’m not great at writing bios but I’m REALLY great at listing random facts, so here are some tidbits about yours truly:

• I’m the momma of the sweetest little squirt, Cordelia Sue, born October 9th 2014. She lights up my life.

My hair changes frequently. It’s been about every pastel color you can imagine, and I’m constantly cutting it.

• I have a very dry, snarky sense of humor. Chandler Bing is my soulmate. (But seriously, if you can quote Friends we’ll be instant buddies.)

• I build a giant blanket fort in my living room every December and take the month off from work. You can view each year here: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013
(I very sadly missed out on 2014.)

• My fiance and I have four large dogs. Yes, FOUR. We’re “those people”.

• I am a huge homebody and introvert. I actually blog about my introvert quirks a bit around here.

• I have a good amount of tattoos and they all hold so much meaning to me. And I may have a few “just for fun” ones. :)

• I LOVE books. I can read for hours on end and never even realize how long I’ve been sitting in a chair. I’ll read virtually anything, but I particularly love the fantasy genre. Give me all the dragons and knights and lords and ladies.