cora at 2 months & cora at 3 months.

I almost forgot to add these to the blog.. Woops! I have an album for Cora on Facebook but I realize not everyone who reads this has Facebook. ;) So..

Here was our sweet girl at 2 months on 12/9/14 (we forgot her sticker!) :


Weighs: 11lbs 5 oz (75th percentile)
Height: 23 and 3/4in (90th percentile)
Head circumference: 15in (75th percentile)
Loves: Talking (especially in the mornings)…if you don’t talk back, she will just continue to get louder until all hell breaks loose. ;) She also loves her Wubz (pacifier), baths in the sink, dancing, diaper changes (we don’t understand it either), being carried everywhere with Mom in our Solly Baby Wrap, being rocked to sleep by Dad, and Taylor Swift’s “1989” album.
Wears: 0-3M sizes are getting a little short (0-3M footie pj’s don’t fit). Carter’s 3M seems to fit best. Still in size 1 diapers.
Sleeping: From 9pm-3:30am in her pack ’n play in Mom and Dad’s room, 15 minutes of eating, then back to sleep until 5:30 or 6am. Then she sleeps until 9am, and naps from 11ish until 1 or 2 on a good day, and cat naps until bed time.
Nicknames: Biscuit

…And at 3 months on 1/9/15!


Weighs: About 13lbs.
Height: About 25 inches.
-Her fleece “Cora” blankets that Stephanie Sanderson made for her.
-Her new kick pad from Meme.
-Being able to see everything when she’s being held…no more being cradled like a baby!
-Mimicking all Mom and Dad’s goofy noises. “Oooooooh” and “BLEH!” sounds crack her up.
-Airplane rides.
-Sucking her thumb. Mom disapproves.
-Laughing like The Count from Sesame Street. It’s hilarious.
Wears: She’s all. over. the. place. Mostly 3-6M and Carter’s 6M stuff, a few 9M shirts. Still in size 1 diapers. Homegirl is tall and scrawny. And baby sizes never make sense. haha.
Sleeping: Like a champ! She’s been sleeping in her own room since Dec. 26th and doing awesome. Typically she’s asleep before 9pm (as early as 7pm some nights) and sleeps until about 8:30am. Occasionally she likes to play at 6am but falls asleep pretty quick after a snack.

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