cora at one month old.

Our little nugget turned one month old last Sunday! It’s crazy how quickly that month flew by. She’s been such a good baby and we feel so blessed. We’ve loved getting to know her little quirks and watching her discover the world. :)

cora at one month old. | indiejane photography(Please ignore all the dog hair on that chair. hahaha)

Weighs: A little over 10lbs.
Percentiles: 95th in height, weight, AND head circumference
Loves: chatting with mom & dad in the mornings (totally a morning person like her mom), farting up a storm, her “Wubz” (pacifier), ceiling fans and light fixtures, eating, baths in the sink.
Wears: 0-3M in pants and onesies, 3M in footed jammies, size 1 diapers.
Sleeping: From about 10pm-2am, 2:30am-5:30am, up around 7:30am demanding breakfast with the puppies. (Occasionally allows mom a morning nap.)
Nicknames: C-Biscuit (or just Biscuit), Jumbo Baby

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  1. Amanda

    Oh my gosh I just got really excited for not actually having met you!!

    I had my son 11 months ago so its been a very busy year and I haven’t had any time to read blogs like I used to, so I never even knew you were pregnant. Congratulations! She is so adorable.


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