40 weeks.

40 weeks | indiejane photography

Today is Miss Cordelia’s official due date. For most of this pregnancy I swore she was going to be an early bird but in August I started to think maybe she’d take a note from her mother’s book and not want to come out. (I was born two weeks late. Apparently I was totally comfortable in my little home, which speaks volumes for my personality. haha.) We’ve tried a couple of self-induction tips (spicy food, walking, bouncing on an exercise ball, etc) with no avail, so she’s made it clear that she’ll come out when SHE is ready.

For some reason today I woke up with total peace with that. Am I done being pregnant? Totally. I hurt. The pelvic pain is nuts. I miss being able to roll over at night without wanting to cry. I miss not having to pee every half hour. I miss not relying on Tums and Zantac to get through a meal. I miss walking without a waddle. I miss having more than 5 articles of clothing to wear. I miss a lot of things.

But when it all boils down, I’ve had an incredibly easy pregnancy so I feel silly for complaining so much during these last few rough weeks. My first trimester was totally bearable, my second trimester was magnificent, and even my third trimester was great up until the last 3 or 4 weeks. If she needs longer to build up a little courage to make her journey into the world, I want to allow her that. This is my first of many lessons in parental patience. ;)

So.. Now we wait. Here’s hoping the next post on this blog will be chock full of baby photos!

P.S. You can follow along with me on instagram and twitter! We’ll announce her birth there before I’ll get a chance to blog.

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  1. Matilda Briggs

    I visited your blog after, maybe, half a year..and you are going to have a baby! This is amazing!! I am so happy for you, Mark and lil Cordelia. Congratulations. :)

  2. Karla

    ya look AWESOME.


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