baby bump update :: 23 weeks.

Eek, I totally didn’t mean to neglect this little blog for a month! Things are still going a million miles an hour and free time just isn’t in my vocabulary any more. ;) I do, however, have a bump update for you guys today and eventually I’ll share a recent outfit and some house photos!


Today’s date : June 5, 2014

How many weeks pregnant? : 23 weeks, 1 day

Which trimester are you in? : Second trimester

How many days until your due date? : 118 days!

Show off your bump! :

How big is baby? : A little larger than a spaghetti squash,  and she weighs about a pound or so. :)

What milestones has your developing baby reached this week? : She can hear everything I hear (although a little muffled), feel motion, and even taste what I eat through the amniotic fluid. Ginger snaps seem to make her go nuts.

What are some of your pregnancy symptoms? : Peeing constantly, and having a bit of an issue with leaky boobs.. Gross, I know. I wasn’t even aware that it could happen this early on, much less at the frequency at which it does! Padded bras all day every day.

Any cravings? : Still constantly craving bean burritos, and lately anything with mustard sounds amazing…primarily corn dogs!

Any food aversions? : Nope. I WANT ALL OF THE FOODS.

What was your best moment this week? : My mom finally got to feel our little wiggle worm! She moves a lot but mom hadn’t got to feel her yet.

What are you looking forward to next week? : Just working on the new house some more. (Oh yea, we got that house. haha! I’ll update more and share photos soon!)

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? : I just love everything and everyone. When I first told Heather I was pregnant we talked about how women tend to switch personalities when pregnant.. Women who are typically snarky become loving and sweet, and women who are typically sweet-natured become rabid. I am supporting this claim. ;) haha!

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? : Eh, occasionally. I finally splurged on some cute maternity denim cut-off shorts and wear them constantly, and a few comfy maternity shirts have come in handy. But mostly I’m living in maxi dresses because summer in Oklahoma.

Have any stretch marks? : Not yet!

How much weight have you gained? : About 6 lbs, but I’m gaining a little quicker now than I was previously.

Has your belly button popped out? : Nope, but I give it a month or so before it does…it’s close!

Felt any kicks? Describe the movement you feel. : She’s literally kicking as I type this. ;) It’s passed the point of just feeling like a giant gas bubble, now it just feels like a little alien trying to escape.

What has dad been up to this week? : Working from 7:45am to 4:45pm and then getting the new house painted and cleaned up.

How has your sleep been? : Surprisingly good. I’m almost completely off Ambien and I’ve successfully slept with just one Unisom for the last two nights. But I’m also wearing myself out during the days…things are so nuts lately.

What are your dreams about? : Nothing notable, but they’re definitely more vivid. Lately most of them have involved me trying to solve a conflict of some sort between people I care about.

Have you been “nesting”? What things have you been doing to prepare for baby’s arrival? : Still haven’t felt the nesting urges. But we now have a general plan for Cora’s room and most of her furniture!

Any guesses when you will go into labor? : No clue. But we’re kind of hoping for a September baby. ;)


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  1. Nice capture. Congrats of having a baby!


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