stupid reasons i don’t take enough personal photos.




After reading through responses from my survey not too long ago, I realized that literally almost ALL of you wanted to see more personal photos. I got to thinking how rare it is for me to carry my camera with me anywhere, or even just pick it up when I’m at home, and why that is. After thinking about it.. My reasons were pretty stupid.


“There’s not enough natural light.”
It may not be the prettiest, most ideal lighting, but lightbulbs do exist and I do have them in my house. And my camera is capable of freakishly high ISOs.


“I may make people uncomfortable.”
I’ve always joked that I wish photographers had the ability to become invisible. I hate when I get a camera out and you can sense that moment when other people become self-aware and change the way they’re sitting, smile a little bigger at the conversation they’re having, or just outright get up and bolt. ;) I should start shooting anyway. After all, most people genuinely enjoy being photographed.


“What would I even use this photo for?”
A long time ago, I saw no sense in taking a photo unless it was something I would want printed in my home. So any little details from anywhere I went would get nixed, but then I’d be too scared to photograph people and no photos would come of the event. I’ve learned even the tiniest details are fun to look back on.


“I don’t want to worry about uploading/editing/exporting/posting.”
It doesn’t take that long, and I’m doing all this practically every day anyway.





Do you ever find yourself making excuses for not documenting your life more? Any tips or tricks on how to get over any of these?

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  1. My excuse is that it’s hard to carry my Mark III and two kids and all their crap simultaneously. It’s kind of a solid excuse, but I still need to suck less and do it.

  2. A great reminder…and I can so identify with all your reasons! Thanks for posting this!

  3. My husband hates having his picture taken ;) That puts a damper on it… the irony is that he’s super cute. Sigh.

  4. Anna

    Don’t allow yourself to instagram for a few days and carry around your camera. A lot of the time we take “instagram” photos that are ‘artsy’ but not ‘important’ enough to use a real camera on. Don’t limit yourself! :)

    • amanda

      I’ve actually been considering doing a week-long instagram “sabbatical” of sorts to see if I become more inclined to pick up my real camera! I may try this soon.

  5. matilda briggs

    simple.. you like it, you click it..!

  6. matilda briggs

    but alas.. you are right. we do conjure myriad of excuses. i wish i could blog out all the weird ideas that come in my head, but i don’t. (mostly!) i am a lazybone, what more can i say! :(

  7. i’ve been feeling pretty similar lately… i just got out of the habit of snapping photos, and i relate to all your reasons for not doing it! really, i think it just comes down to making the effort even if you don’t feel like it… you don’t always really have to be “inspired,” you just have to do it :)

  8. I went through this dilemma at the beginning of the year. I started forcing myself to grab my camera on the way out & after the first4 or 5 times of carting that huge ass thing around & not using it, I just sucked it up & started taking photos. I still deal with the ‘oh my gosh everyone is staring at me’ but I just started telling myself they were interested in what I was taking a photo of, instead of feeling like they thought I was an idiot.
    It definitely challenges me in my photo skills, because I try to make the boring things look beautiful :)

    I’m excited to see where you take this!

  9. I always forget my camera! Which is horrible since I’m a photo student…

  10. i’m kind of the opposite. i find myself taking lots of pictures and wondering, did i really need to do that? i’m an addict…

  11. I’m the same exact way.
    I hate bringing my camera anywhere like a coffee shop or somewhere chill, I feel like a huge creep busting out my camera.
    I also hate taking photographs if I’m not sure what I plan to do with it. I’m realizing now that I want to store as many as I can, even if they sit there, I can look back!
    I need to bring my camera out more.

    • amanda

      Same here! I’m a little more inclined to get my camera out if I have other people with me, but if I’m by myself I just feel like a huge weirdo. haha

  12. I feel like I use this excuse a lot, except I use it in regards to not having photos of myself! I’m constantly photographing my daughter and husband but I rarely get behind the camera myself. I should really change that. I don’t want to look back years from now and wonder where I was, you know?


  13. Hi Amanda!
    I may or may not have just spent a good part of the last hour at work scrolling through your blog, there is just too much inspiration to be found! I am definitely your newest follower on bloglovin and can’t wait to see more!
    As for documenting daily life with your camera, I think a huge issue for me is that I ALWAYS have my phone to snap a quick instagram picture, and that often defaults as my documentation just because its easy! I definitely would love to carry around my camera more though and your photography is something I aspire to!
    Have a wonderful Friday!

  14. I could’ve written this post! It’s even embarrassing how often I resort to iphone photos because I don’t carry my camera with me enough. I think most photographers are guilty of this. It comes with being a perfectionist!

  15. Julie

    Since I started doing photography as a career I find I never pick up my camera unless Im working. I have 3 boys and mostly use my iphone as sometimes its a pain to haul my big camera around but I also don’t want people to stare if Im taking a picture out in public of randomness either! My hubby even gives me weird looks if I snap photos of my meal haha. But yesterday I was running in the house to grab “my phone” to take a picture of my boys and right next to it was my camera so I grabbed that instead. So glad I did.

  16. Hello Jane,
    first of all, kudos to you for admiting your reasons and sharing the simple ways we can all overcome them. I say this because I feel like I can relate to all of the stated above. Specially the “I don’t want to worry about uploading/editing/exporting/posting.” At first I would bring my camera everywhere but it got to a point that every time I make a personal photo all I could think about next was all the hours I would be spending editing the photos. It’s stupid and you are so right, it doesn’t take that long, but it was just yet another reason to spend hours sitting in front of the computer. So, in my case, what I did was, instead of bringing the digital camera, I now always carry my analog camera ( unless is a paid job, in that case I’ll bring them both ) . It gives me such an incredible sense of freedom to photograph in film because I’m not “worried” with the time I will be “wasting” editing them :)
    Again, thank you for sharing your reasons.


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