what i ate.




1. chocolate gelato w/butterscotch + blueberries + sea salt.

2. bagel thin w/ whipped feta, banana + blueberries + orange, assam banaspaty tea.

3. turkey + swiss + spicy mustard sandwich on 10 grain bread, pita chips + hummus, grape tomatoes, orange.

4. natural peanut butter + banana on 10 grain toast, boiled egg, second flush darjeeling tea w/ coconut milk.

5. mushroom + chickpea soup, multigrain sandwich thin w/ grilled chicken + swiss + spicy mustard, sliced cucumbers, cantaloupe + blueberries + strawberries.

6. scrambled eggs w/ bell peppers, cantaloupe + blueberries + strawberries, kenyan tinderet tea w/ coconut milk.

7. buffalo turkey burger w/ bleu cheese sauce on whole wheat bun, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, bell peppers.



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  1. You make these simple meals look wonderful! Thanks for posting that whipped feta link.. I will definitely be trying that one.

    I’m curious – where do you take all these photos? Is it a wooden table?

    • amanda

      @Erin – It’s my coffee table! haha. I don’t have an actual dinner table at my house. Oops. :) I found it and two side tables at a little secondhand furniture place awhile back!


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