what i ate.










1. blood orange, hard boiled egg, oatmeal with coconut milk/maple syrup/blueberries, english breakfast tea.
2. broiled lemon pepper tilapia, pappardelle with peas/ricotta/lemon/mint, cucumber slices, cantaloupe.
3. pita with grilled chicken/spinach/whipped feta/cucumber, veggie straws, grape tomatoes, plum lemon. (i just discovered plum lemons, usually only available in february.. they are delicious and i can’t wait for more next year.)
4. broiled lemon pepper tilapia, quinoa, dill havarti slice, baby spinach with light italian dressing, strawberries.
5. oatmeal with coconut milk/maple syrup/blueberries, poached eggs with paprika, blood orange, cantaloupe, english breakfast tea with coconut milk.
6. lunch to go! pita, avocado chicken salad (shredded chicken/half a hass avocado/lemon juice), dill havarti slices, grape tomatoes, cucumber slices, and cantaloupe/strawberry/blood orange/carrot/spinach juice.


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  1. What a wonderful photography project! I’d love to give it a go but I don’t know how long I could resist beautiful food to get the perfect photo, haha! :)


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