short hair style –> faux side shave.






It’s no secret around here that I have a crush on Ellie Goulding’s hair. I’ve always loved the side-shaved look, but it requires a lot of commitment and a hefty amount of grow out time. So.. An alternative.


The great thing about this style is that it will work on just about any kind of hair. Long, short, curly, straight, thick, thin, clean, dirty. The faux side-shave doesn’t discriminate, y’all.










I started with clean straight hair with a deep side part and added some volumizing powder to give it some texture and some oomph. I always pour a little in my head, flip my head over and spread it throughout my roots, then sprinkle a little right on my part and work it into the roots there.


Use a comb to tease your hair nice and big. Take a crazy photo. Continue doing your hair.


Section off a piece of hair, I usually start behind the ear. French braid or twist the hair back and secure with a small clear band or some pins.


Work your hands through your hair, fluffing and de-fluffing where needed. Add some hairspray to set!


Other short hair style tutorials: messy curls, simple updo.

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  1. An edgy look without the commitment..I like!

  2. What a cute style! Can’t wait to try this out.

  3. I seriously thought you had shaved it in the thumbnail. Looks cute!

  4. I. Absolutely. LOVE. THIS.

    Thank you for stopping me from shaving the side of my head. I was going to regret it, but now I have this alternative.


  5. Haley

    I’m so happy you’re making tutorials for short hair! Your white locks always look so amazing, and I always wondered how you did it! Thank you soooooo much! I can’t wait to try this out and can’t wait for what is to come :)

  6. Ooh, I love this!! I have short/medium length hair like yours, and I’m always looking for new ways to style it! Thanks for the tutorial :)


  7. Hi I’m kaileigh and I love your hair styles my hair is as short as yours but I don’t know how to Dow curls can you do one with regular curls



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