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I recently posted tips on getting pastel hair, but one of the most common requests I get is how to get white hair. I’ve had my hair white off and on for about four years now, so I’ve definitely figured out what products work and what products are a waste of time.



Before I begin, I want to say that if you’re thinking of going white PLEASE remember that 1) It is a bit of a hassle, and 2) It will take some getting used to. The first week or so you see yourself with white hair, it’s a bit shocking! Also keep in mind that you may need to cut an inch or two off after bleaching, because bleach is not kind to hair. ;)


What I use:
Blue Flash Powder Lightener
Salon Care 20 Volume Creme Developer
Colorful Platinum Protein Filler
Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner
Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo (I use the generic one)


First off, you’ll need to bleach your hair as light as possible. Your hair will not be white simply by bleaching. The best you’ll get is a weird, yellowish-platinum blonde. I mentioned in my pastels post that you might look into a professional handling your bleaching if you aren’t sure what you’re doing or if you have particularly dark hair. I use the lightener and developer, and I also add in half a bottle of a violet-based protein filler just to kick the brassy/yellow tones in my hair a bit more.


Once you have rinsed the bleach out and conditioned well, use the white toner. I make sure my hair is saturated with it and I leave it on for about 3 hours. It doesn’t really damage your hair, so you could leave it on longer if you wanted.


After that, rinse out the toner and you’re good to go! I also wash my hair 2-3 times a week with the purple shampoo. I usually lather it up and leave it on my hair for about two minutes…any longer than that and I end up with lavender ends. You’ve been warned. ;)



If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments or email me and I’ll be happy to help as soon as I get back from Colorado! :) Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!



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  1. i would LOVE to be able to rock the white hair, but as a natural dark brunette, i’m a little scared to try. every time i’m on your blog though i’m so tempted to try. maybe one of these days! ;)

  2. Sarah

    What brands do you like to use?

  3. You pull it off great. But I don’t think I’d ever pull it off.

  4. Manda

    Your hair rocks! How do you style your hair? What’s your regular styling routine like? Do you use any products or styling tools?

  5. claire

    Melisande…I want this look badly but have, or rather had, dark brown hair. It does not happen with the first bleaching session, that’s for sure….as I am now sporting a much yellow-y blonde, but once my scalp gets a rest, I am going for round 2. If you want I’ll share my experience with you :-) .

  6. I’ve been looking for some tutorial or something to get white hair and yours is the best so far!
    ok so my hair is so dark, bleaching it only gets me like a dark blond, can I use the toner now? or should I bleach it again?
    also, you said you use purple shampoo 2-3 times a week, but when I went to buy it (I use Clairol’s Shimmering Lights) the person that sold it to me told me to use it only once a week. Can I use it more than once?

    thanks! :)

    • amanda

      Dani – If your hair is a dark blonde, I’d say bleach again but ONLY if your hair seems like it’s in good shape! If it’s feeling a little fried, start using a deep conditioner and hold out for a little bit. If it feels healthy, go ahead with a second bleach. You want your hair to be as pale as the bleach will get it, which for most people is a pale yellow, even somewhat peachy tone. Then use your toner! (P.S. If Manic Panic’s Virgin Snow doesn’t work out, try Wella’s Lightest Ash Blonde…I just recently tried it and liked it! I left it on 10 minutes.) As far as the purple shampoo, you can start out using it once a week and see what works for you. :)

  7. Danielle

    I love Ur white hair. . I been silver for quite some time now and I wondered what the Platinum protien filler would do to my silver tone. Does it help make Ur hair les yellow and does it leave a purple or blue color behind? I have the shimmering shampoo as well but i definitely end up with purple locks no matter how fast I rinse..I found mixing it with a regular shampoo works better for me. ..my hair was naturally a soft black. I bleached twice so my follicle is pretty damaged. I deep condition with coconut oil. To help repair it. . This is probably why my hair trends to turn purple .

  8. How long do you leave the bleach in your hair? I was going to go to a salon for this but figured I would give it a try for myself. I have naturally dirty blonde hair and have no coloring or process done to it right now. Your hair looks amazing by the way! exactly the color I want!

    • amanda

      @Kelcei – Thanks lady! :) If you don’t have any experience whatsoever with bleaching and you’re not sure what you’re doing, I would highly suggest visiting a pro. Bleach can wreck your hair pretty quickly if it’s left on too long! I typically leave it on about 45-60 minutes for my roots, but yours may take more or less time. Just depends on your hair. :)

  9. I actually do hair

    I have naturally black hair, I use Prism Lites with 30 volume developer. My hair came up pretty light with just one application. The only other product I’ve used that gets my hair this light with one try ( started off about 3 and my hair came up to about 10G) has been Paul Mitchell Highlift or Aloxxi Platinum High lift. I did still have some yellow tint to my hair so I toned my hair with a 9V with violet additive to counteract the yellow. I did get a little distracted watching a movie and talking to my fiend so it stayed in a little longer than I usually would’ve left it and my hair turned a little pink, which actually worked out great saved me a step..lol

  10. I bought a bleach at walmart. I have a dark brown hair color. Natural. And i bleached it. To a yellowish blonde…then i toned it a few times and then bleached one more time…i still have a little bit of a light yellow to my hair..im not sure what to do. Any suggestions?

    • If you bleached after the toner, you might try using the toner once more! The toner works to cut out the yellow tones. I’ve recently been using Wella’s White Lady toner and I’ve had a bit more luck with it than the Manic Panic one. (Just be careful not to leave it on too long…it turns purple quickly!)

  11. Okay let me try it out and ill let you know! Everytime i tone it…it gets a bit lighter but not much i keep the toner in about an hour

  12. Actually before i tone should i mix the toner with a 40 or a 20 toner?

  13. I dont see the contact form can you email me at [email protected] and ill reply right away

  14. I am using the wellas white lday toner btw! Just realized

  15. Your advice worked thank you so much!!! I am so happy with the results!!

  16. Would you suggest the Wella’s White Lady Toner over the Wella’s Lightest Ash Blonde?

  17. Frankie Pierson

    I enjoyed reading your article.

  18. Jennie

    Hi! I have bleached my hair already and used a toner: Wella T18 “white lady”. I only kept it on my hair for 10 minutes and it made my hair platinum with purplish highlights. Did I do something wrong? You said that you kept yours on for 3 hours. Is the manic panic toner better? Thank you!!!!

    • Hi Jennie! :) The Wella toner and the Manic Panic toner are fairly different products! While the Manic Panic toner is a semi-permanent, the Wella toner is a permanent so it’s quite a bit stronger than Manic Panic. Hence the intense lavender tones. :) But don’t worry, those will fade really soon! Wash your hair a couple of times with water as warm as you can stand and it should fade those tones out quite a bit and you’ll be left with white hair. When I use Manic Panic, I leave it on 3-5 hours and re-tone every 2 weeks, whereas with Wella I leave the toner on for 8-10 minutes and only have to apply it once a month or so. I’m not a professional, this is just my own personal experience! :)

  19. Koko

    I’m not sure where to go from here. I bleached my hair and the roots turned out very yellow/orange. I then used the manic panic Virgen snow for three hours. I did not see much change in the yellow. The only thing done differently than yours is the protein filler. Should I rebleach it or will using the shimmering lights toner shampoo eventually achieve white?

    • Try Wella’s White Lady (Lightest Ash Blonde / T18) toner! I didn’t mention it in this post because I just found it a few months ago, but it’s much more effective at getting rid of brassy tones than the Manic Panic. I wouldn’t leave it on any more than 10 minutes. It may look a little purpley-gray for a little bit, but it washes out in 2-3 washes and you’re hair should be white. It’s my new favorite product!

      • Koko

        Thanks so much for responding! I purchased the Wella Toner! We’ll see how this goes! Love all your hair posts!

  20. Samantha

    The manic panic toner is new to me! I’m about to make my hair white again after a year of having it normal because I just miss the white ever so much x3 I’ll have to pick some up and try it out! I had the problem of my ends turning lavender last time because of my paranoia of yellowing haha. I’ll be sure to not overdue the shampooing this time.

  21. I love, I love, I love your hair! Ive been wanting to do my hair white for quite sometime. I did so much research on how to get
    white but all the tutorials ive seen always seem a little complicated & the results dont look as good. Your hair on the
    other hand looks perfect. So thx for the post im finally going to
    do it.

  22. Claire Parker


    I would really appreciate some advice my hair is very short and I get it bleached at the hairdressersI ask for my hair to be a white colour and they never get it right it is always quite yellow I pay a lot of money and never happy when I walk out of the hair salon. Im thinking of doing my own hair so any advice you could give is very much appreciated. Your hair colour is fab

    Thanks :-)

    • Claire – If you’re already having your hair bleached very light, just go over it with the Manic Panic toner that I mentioned and use the purple shampoo. It will give you the effect you’re wanting.

  23. I have natural very light brown hair. I’m 48 and I’m gettin more and more white hair. My hairdresser puts low lights in it to make it look like light blond as highlights. My mothers side have paper white and I’m contemplating going all white. Will this ruin my hair. My hair is fine but in great health. What are your thoughts

  24. Megan

    Where abouts can I find this stuff?

  25. jessica

    so it is okay to add the platnium protien filler in the bleach?

    • I actually use the protein filler after I’ve rinsed out the bleach now. Just follow the bottle directions! It’s a little watery, so a spray bottle or squirt bottle may be useful!

  26. Linda

    Do you dry your hair after rinsing out the bleach and conditioning it?

    Basically, my question is: Do you put the white toner on dry hair or wet?

    LOVE your hair!!!

    • I typically allow my hair to air dry, then apply the toner. Honestly I’m not sure if this is the “correct” way, but it works for me!

  27. jill

    hey. just read your post about getting your hair white. I have shoulder length, medium brown hair now. Any idea how much the whole process might cost me (not in a salon)? and the cost of upkeep?
    thanks! -Jill

  28. Taylor

    My hair is already bleached blonde, so do I just use the protein filler, toner and light shampoo to make it white?

    • If it’s already a pale blonde, you could probably get away with using just the toner and then the purple shampoo for upkeep.

  29. Jennifer

    Hi! I have light brown (previously lightened) hair. It’s long, and relatively thick. I was wondering, exactly how much developer and bleach do you mix together?

  30. Hello :) your hair color is just PERFECT ! It’s amazing <3 I'm french (so sorry for my bad english) and try or a moment to get white hair but I'm not very satisfied with the result. So I think I will soon try the Manic Panic toner :D I wondered if your hair could get violet if you let the toner too long on your hair ?

    Thank you very much for your answer :)
    PS : You are very beautiful *-*

  31. Jackie

    My hair is already almost all white, naturally, but I’d like to make it a white white like yours, what do I use? Just the Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner?

  32. I have the ombré hair and want to do this to my blonde highlights. What would be the best application? I guess I’m wondering what would happen to my dark brown hair if I went over it. Or do I need to apply like highlights and only touch the blonde?



  33. HAL

    I have ombre highlights and want to try this application this week. My questions are:

    What would happen to the brown if this application goes over it?
    Would this have to be a foil application?
    If my hair isn’t platinum but just golden blonde now, will it turn my blondes into platinum or will it still turn white?
    Would you suggest applying just to tips of the blonde instead of all the blonde in order to prevent a bad transition between the brown and blonde (essentially creating a 3 tiered ombre; brown to blonde to white effect)?

  34. Danielle Pfortmiller

    I love love your white hair! The manic panic kind of looks grey in the bottle. Does it turn a grey color on the hair. I am already platinum blonde but would love to be white. Thank you! <3

  35. I have had my hair bleached professionally, but it still isn’t light enough. Is the manic panic toner something I could add on well after the fact, or is it too late?

    Thanks so much!

  36. Erika Buzo

    Hi I was wonder if you could tell me how to get my hair as white as yours or somewhat, I’ve been bleaching my hair ever since I could remember and now I’ve cut it really short like short as in the picture shown and now my roots have obviously grown out its looking yellowish and how would I go about bleaching my already bleached hair with it falling out?

    • You would just need to bleach your roots, not your entire head! If you’re unsure how to do this, I would suggest visiting a pro. They typically won’t do the white hair look but you could ask for platinum blonde and just use the Manic Panic Virgin Snow on your own.

  37. Betorah McDonnor

    I’ve been wondering what kind of hair detangler you use if you use one? I know having bleach hair it is pretty hard to comb and brush.

    • I don’t use a detangler, just a good conditioner! I like several different one by ION, or Aussie’s 3 Minute Miracle if you prefer a drugstore brand.

  38. layla

    You do all this in one day or one week?

  39. Hi there! Once you’ve achieved white hair, other than the roots, do you have to touch up all over or is going to stay that color until you dye it?


  40. Colleen

    where did you purchase the violet protein filler?

  41. Hannah

    do you have an estimate of much much the products cost all together, including bleaching?

  42. andrea

    Hey! This is awesome! I just wanted to know if I should use developer with the magic panic product? I am already blonde not with bleach I use 12A clairol

  43. kristi menke

    I had a question..ive already bleached my hair to a light yellow stage and went to sallys today and bought the manic panic virgin snow and the protein color filler. Should i mix any filler in with the manic panic or try toner alone? I want plantinum so bad but dont want to mess it up…already did several bleach washes and wella toners to get what i have..thx

  44. Sarah

    Hey I pretty much use what you use but i get a silvery green blue after tone with my shampoo and my hair is like a platinum white blonde and i want it like snowflake white :/

  45. Kaylee

    I had my hair a very very light blonde, I’ve used two different brands of purple toner shampoo, used a white dye, and I’ve put virgin snow on my hair twice, one of the times for 3+ hours.
    my hair is very visibly yellow still.
    I’m upset and I’m looking everywhere online, and I just don’t know what to do.
    could you possibly help me?

  46. I love your white hair! No matter what I do my hair pulls yellow. Is there a specific reason you leave the toner on for so long? Will the white toner not work if you don’t keep it on for 3 hours?


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