mystery preacher.


I have this really strange obsession with old books. (If you’ve been in my house, you can clearly see this.) I know they’re really popular for decor reasons right now, but I love them for so much more than that‚Ķthe way they smell, the way an occasional page will pop out, the roughed up edges, and their often odd little titles. I have a minor freakout if I find an old book with a name or some kind of writing inside. I love trying to figure out what that person was like and where they are now.




I was snooping around Goodwill the other day and came across this beat up old Bible. I melted a little over how well-loved it seemed and it was only a couple of bucks, so I picked it up and took it home. I sat in my little chaise by the window for a good hour and flipped through it. No names, but every page had at least one verse underlined and noted upon. If I were to take a good guess, it once belonged to a preacher. I feel really blessed to have the next couple of weeks off to delve into it a bit deeper. Pretty fantastic.




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  1. Really beautiful – it’s so nice to find something at goodwill that tells a story. I’d love to find something exactly like this.

  2. I’m exactly the same way! I love getting an old book so much better than just buying a new one from the store. They’ve been read and loved and are much more special!

  3. Wow! What a fantastic find! I usually glance over the Bibles I see at the thrift store because I already have one – several, actually :P But now I’ll pay more attention, because I love reading notes in the margin, and the Bible sounds like the best place to find them :)

  4. I only collect a few old books (Pride & Prejudice, Alice in Wonderland, Winnie the Pooh, & Shakespeare), but I love when they have writing in them. I go so far as to look up the names on Facebook trying to find them!

  5. love. absolutely beautiful :-) so much love is in that book, what a special find!


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