vintage book journal. –> DIY.


I’ve had so many requests for this DIY and somehow I’m just getting around to getting it photographed. I’ve been making and filling up these journals for almost three years now! They’re super easy and very cheap.. I usually find old books at Goodwill for less than $2.



Here’s what you’ll need:


Vintage book
Scrap paper
Small envelopes


Start by tearing random pages out of your book. I usually tear out five pages, leave five pages, tear out five pages, leave five pages, etc. You’re going to add to the thickness to your book quite a bit, so this will ensure your book closes properly.



Start taping paper/photos to your pages! I use graph paper, linen paper, index cards, and kraft paper. I also print out various photos on matte photo paper from my home printer and use those as pages to write on.


As far as tape goes.. I use a little bit of whatever I can find! Target recently had some washi tape (by the office supplies!), and I also use gold duct tape and double sided tape. I stopped using masking tape because it gets a little brittle after a couple of years.



Every few pages, add little stationary envelopes to store small photos, ticket stubs, or anything else you want to keep. I also make little pockets by using double sided tape on three sides of a small piece of scrap paper.



That’s literally all there is to it! It’s a quick little project to do while watching a movie or listening to a good album. And using smaller books is great for people like me who keep entries short or keep a journal in their purse.


Hope you guys have fun making these! :)



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  1. Danyelle

    I just found some great little books at Goodwill yesterday just for this! It took quite a bit of digging to find some that had cool graphics on the front. Can’t wait to start this since I’m so terrible at making actual scrapbooks.

  2. Ah!! I find it so hard to discard books, but this is a great idea!!

  3. Marizona

    Whoa! This is super clever. I can’t wait to try it. I have so many books I could use for this.
    Thanks, Amanda! :D

  4. What a fantastic fun idea! I have several old books, and lots of extra scrapping paper so I’m halfway there! Now to find the time…

  5. Amanda

    Blah! The targets around here don’t have the tape I’m so sad, its so adorable!!


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