rest and solitude.


I took the day off Tuesday. It’s a fairly rare occurrence for me to take a COMPLETE day off and avoid editing and emails. I do, however, believe that these kinds of days are essential to help me chill out a little since my anxiety has been crazy lately.


It ended up being a pretty perfect day, and I actually took some personal photos.


My day consisted of the following:


Snuggled with Jane in the morning. She sleeps in a crate now, so she gets excited to leave it in the morning and hop in bed with me while the “big dogs” are in their rooms eating breakfast.




Spent some time in the front yard, journaling and listening to a new favorite album. And watched Sawyer get into general mischief.




Hung out with these two stinkers. There was a lot of stick eating and sand throwing.




I don’t even know if I’ve blogged about this random hobby yet. Remember when I said I was going to buy a bow and arrow after the Hunger Games shoot? I totally did. And I absolutely love it. I spend hours in my front yard shooting an old bird feeder in my tree. haha. It’s kind of therapeutic.




I’ve been reading the Narnia series, so I bought all the movies. So amazing!




Made a yummy dinner. Gorgonzola and Portobello pasta, roasted zucchini and squash, and french bread. And my favorite white wine.




Roamed around the field for a little bit and took some random photos. I’ve had a little gnat problem this year…they’re all over my field. I’ve also had a TON of caterpillars and butterflies! Holy smokes, they’ve practically taken over.




Took some outfit photos…will share soon!




And of course, ended the day with a good book, good tea, and a bubble bath.

I also discovered I was perfectly content to spend my free day by myself. (Save for an hour or so with two 18 month olds.) I don’t know if it’s my out-of-control anxiety mixed with my already introverted tendencies, but I have no desire to be around people lately. And when I am, I’m very quiet. I am happiest in the silence of my front yard in the mornings, or locked up in my bathroom with a book and a bubble bath at night. I’m trying not to dwell too much on this “I need to be alone” part of my life and I’m just embracing the fact that I need all this down time to let myself sort out my thoughts.




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  1. Your photo’s are beautiful. I love lazy days spend doing nothing but taking care of ME. Sounds like you had the perfect day!

  2. Beautiful photos! And boy does that pasta look delicious.

  3. This has to be one of my fave posts ever. I love your photos!

  4. First, these photos are lovely! Second, the Narnia series is my all-time favorite. The Last Battle and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader are probably my favorite from the series. Third, last summer I went through a period of extreme anxiety. I was starting a new anxiety medicine, and for the first bit it made my anxiety worse. I found so much comfort in solitude. All I needed was a good glass of sweet tea, a book, my Bible, and my camera. I took a walk every single night. It truly does help sometimes!


  5. Michelle E.

    Your day sounds lovely! I think its totally normal and fine to have times when you just feel like being alone. I don’t get that too often what with a few weekly evening commitments and an office job. But sometimes I just refuse to do anything with anyone on a Saturday! But I think its SO COOL that you got a bow and arrow!! I really want to try that now!!

  6. That looks like the most perfect day ever!!! I love Narnia too!!:)

  7. I love all the colours, beautiful!

    Reading your blog makes me realise I need to slow down as well :) (also an anxiety sufferer!) It’s soo nice not to feel as alone.

  8. Allie Fuller

    I grew up with the Narnia book and re-read them about seven times each. Which story is your favorite? Mine is the Lat Battle and the Dawn Treader. And was that a Bible I saw among other books?
    Love your blog.. a total favorite.

  9. Marizona

    Holyyyyyy craaaaap. I am so so so excited that you’re listening to All Things Bright and Beautiful. Owl City is just fantastic, huh? And Galaxies is, I think, my favorite song on the album. It looks like you had a wonderful day! It’s so good to just relax all day. The photos you took are lovely too.

  10. matilda briggs

    i envy u!

  11. i found you from the tea bag diy off a beautiful mess…. and i just gave your blog a quick peek, but wanted to comment on these pictures. i love them, because they seem so relaxed, and inspiring. I want to go just take a good chunk of my busy day off today to just hang out with myself now. i love taking time out for myself anyway and i think we all need to. I even take myself out on dates haha… which some people can’t believe that i’ll go out for a little lunch alone or anything like that but i think it’s awesome.


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