i can see you shine.


I still can’t believe it’s almost April. This whole month has been such a whirlwind! I’m usually busiest in April, but it looks like senior season came early this year and things should start slowing down a little within the next couple of weeks. (At least until May when wedding season starts!) I’m thankful that I’ve stayed motivated enough to stay on top of things. Spring makes me excited about work!

I picked up this dress while in OKC last week and totally didn’t realize until I got home that it has a rip in the shoulder. Clearly I wore it anyway. It’s not a huge one and it’s not too noticeable. But let this be a lesson to all…inspect your vintage before you buy. (Duh.)

P.S. My cat is a total camera whore. He sees me walk out with my tripod and follows me to wherever I take photos.









yellow floral dress. –> vintage. (bad granny’s in okc)
turquoise belt. –> vintage.
purple wedges. –> target.
clutch. –> thrifted.
lipcolor. –> revlon “in vogue”



Yea. He’s a creeper.




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  1. I love beautiful pattern + color of the dress!! It looks beautiful on you!! And your lipstick is stunning!!

  2. Jjanga

    Love this dress, it’s so beautiful!

    xoxo, Jjanga

  3. LNR

    I love the dress! Yellow flowers are my favorite, and pairing it with the turquoise belt was a good life decision.

  4. oh my gravy… so GORGEOUS.

  5. I love the cat!! I bought one vintage dress and noticed the tear, so I asked if their could be a discount. I got the $10 beaut for $2 and got one of my sewer friends to patch it right up

  6. The last photo with your kitty peaking out from under your dress is the cutest!


  7. karen

    haha your poor kitty! i think all cats love camera attention

  8. Your hair is pretty rad, and cats are always either sleeping on your face or photo-bombing to within an inch of decency. Love your blog!

  9. I love the little rainbow in the first picture! And I love your style. So cute.
    Also, what does your arm tattoo say?


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