lace trim booties. –> DIY.



I actually did this super easy DIY last month and just now got around to going through the photos. Yikes! Figured it was time to share. :)

The best thing? This can easily be done on knee-high boots, desert boots, booties.. Whatever your heart desires. ;) And it only takes a few minutes!



What you’ll need:
Booties or boots
lace trim
hot glue gun


Measure and cut approximately how much lace trim you will need to encircle the opening of the shoe..


Using a drop of hot glue every half inch or so, attach the trim to the inside of the shoe.. (You could also use fabric glue, I just wanted something that dried faster!)

Snip off any excess trim and you’re good to go!




Now I just need more excuses to wear heels.




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  1. Jjanga

    I love it! Oh you never need an excuse to wear heels! You’re a woman! You look great in them. :)

    xoxo, Jjanga

  2. Cool cool cool, pretty awsome diy!

    (Pls check my new blog guys: )

  3. aww, this DIY is super fun! I love this :) x

  4. Very cute, and so easy! Now I have the perfect excuse to buy booties!

  5. Very cute indeed, what a great idea!


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