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I recently finished Dr. Marti Laney’s “The Introvert Advantage”. I’ve always been a pretty extreme introvert and I’ve recently had a hard time “dealing” with it, I guess. The book helped me to understand that being an introvert is not a disease…we are literally just wired differently than over 75% of the world. It’s been extremely eye-opening to no longer think of myself as a complete freak because I often don’t care to be around people for lengthy amounts of time.




I realized as I was reading the book that I wished it was mandatory for everyone I know or come in contact with to read it. Introverts are fairly misunderstood creatures. I thought it would be interesting to shed light on my own little quirks and issues with being an introvert. Maybe once I figure out ways to deal with them I’ll do posts about that. That’s still something I’m working out. I don’t want to “stop” being an introvert (don’t think I’m capable of that) but I need to tweak a few of my quirks to ensure I’m living a more social and fulfilling life.




And I don’t intend on these posts being remarkably long or drawn out, I just want to highlight some points that I personally deal with. They probably won’t be more than 2 or 3 sentences.

With that said…I’ll post the first Introvert Quirk really soon. :)

(And if you’re an introvert or close to someone who is, I’d HIGHLY recommend picking up this book!)





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  1. Looking forward to this series! I am an introvert too, so I will have to pick up this book!

  2. Kit

    I’m going to look that book up right now! I keep re-reading this blog post: because it’s like a revelation. We’re definitely misunderstood creatures, we even misunderstand ourselves!

  3. totally looking forward to this series. And I guess I really do have to read that book……to tell you the truth I’ve never thought there were books about it…But I’m having a hard time lately dealing with my “introvertness” (is that a word?)
    actually love the fact that I’m not the only “freak” around…..Thanks :)


  4. I’m really looking forward to these posts — I’ve been very introverted my entire life, and it’s something I’ve struggled with for along time (especially loving and trying to make a career out of photography… I think that presents a unique challenge.)

  5. phalkon

    Sounds pretty awesome, I’m a bit of both, and have always had problems doing musical works alone, and have always relied on other people performing with me. This sounds like a really good book! Def gonna check it out

  6. Gretchen

    i must read this book!!! I am married to an introvert! We could not be more opposite, but somehow we work! Would be nice to have an inside look into his brain! :)

  7. i bought the book a few months ago thanks to one of your posts. it opened my eyes up to alot of things.. and like you said, i wish everyone i know or come in contact with in the future could read this book to understand things a bit better. anyway, look forward to these posts.

  8. I’m also an extreme introvert and it is hard sometimes to deal with especially because I’m around people every day for work. Will definitely be checking out that book.

  9. These photos are beautiful and Ouch on that bruise! Im apparently an introvert but I think thats only been a recent older change.

  10. Thank you for recommending this book, I picked it up yesterday and it’s already been very insightful.

  11. Ree

    You’re a very cool person, fellow introvert! =D I just read your quirks series and fiercely nodded my head in agreement with every one of them. I’ve felt exactly like you for most of my life mostly because of bad past experiences. Lately, I’ve been coming out of my shell and I’m finding a happy balance.

    I’ll definitely have to read that book! I’m a wannabe photographer who’s too shy to take photos with people watching, lol, so I admire the work you do. Your photographs are beautiful. I’d love to do that someday too.


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