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More doggie profiles. ;) Koen is making her debut today!





Name: Koen Blu
Birthday: Nov. 2005
Breed: Australian Shepherd/Blue or Red Heeler





Background: Koen was adopted from the Humane Society in May 2007 as a gift to an ex-boyfriend. The relationship didn’t work out but luckily he took our Mastiff puppy and left Koen with me. (Still thankful for that.) She’s definitely the most well-behaved and sweetest of the bunch. And she’s the family guard dog…she sleeps in my doorway most nights. Back in 2009 she was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease (similar to Lupus) that caused awful sores on her nose and feet, but luckily we’ve kept it fairly under control over the last few years and she’s only had one or two flare-ups.



Likes: Her blanket (fresh out of the dryer, preferably), playing tug with Jane, jumping on my face in the mornings, cuddling.
Dislikes: Sawyer the cat.




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  1. Saraya

    She’s my favorite. Don’t tell the others. :)

  2. Leslie

    I just love the last picture! She just looks so sweet!

  3. What a doll!! These pics are so great. I love aussie/heeler mixes. Our family has one, his name is Mr. Bo Jangles. He’s the sweetest and is very protective of the house too.


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