fort nightdweller, 2011.



Remember this? (2009)

And this? (2010)

What can I say, I like tradition.












I always have most of December off since business gets slower as it gets colder, so this is something I look forward to every year. I will do a lot of sleeping and embracing some much needed laziness.

And I’m officially glad I’ve collected a ridiculous amount of vintage sheets over the last year.

(Because it usually gets asked: I used my couch, backdrop stand, and two bar stools as my “base”.)

Now go forth and build your own forts. ;)




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  1. Hannah Shillington

    yesssss!!! :D

  2. Uhm

    1) I’m jealous

    2) that looks even cozier than last year

    3) I may be copying that bow + pillow idea

    I LOVE IT!!

  3. Diane

    Ummmm I LOVE this! Haha great idea!


  4. kat reese

    omg this is the most magically amazing thing I have seen in a long, long time <333

  5. jsburrell

    i love the big striped bow on your pillow. AND 3point0

  6. Danyelle

    Cutest fort to date :).

  7. Sam

    OOOH MY GOSH! This is the most beautiful tent I have ever set my eyes upon! I’m definitely going to try this out, but now promises that it will look as cute as yours!


  8. This looks so nice. Awesomesauce tradition!
    I love the T-Rex bauble you had a pic of last year, whoever got the idea to make those is a bit of a genious :D

  9. andrea lynne rose

    This was such a cute and fun idea!
    -andrea lynne rose

  10. Matilda Briggs

    ahhhh..i want to snuggle in that!! looks heavenly cozy!

  11. C.

    how do you make this? :O


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