kaleb. –> senior 2010.

I freaking love this kid…he was so easy to work with! I’ve been blessed to have some super laid-back senior guys this year. You guys are awesome!

Sneak peek!

Proofs are being put up right now, Kaleb!

So I’ve made the official decision to sell my back-up camera…it’s been sitting in my camera bag for over a month, so I figure it’s time to give him a new home. I was planning on selling it for $800 so I can put the money towards the lens I want, but I want it NOW (hi, I’m impatient) so I’m going to start at $700 and go from there. This camera really hasn’t been used much since I bought it. I use my other camera a good 80% of the time at the least.

Anyway, here are the details:

Canon 40D, gently used/in great shape (bought in May 2008)
Battery grip
4 batteries
Battery charger
USB cable
…and I still have the box and paperwork.


I’m willing to ship it at no extra cost!

(This is just the camera body, no lens included.)

Email me at [email protected] if you’re interested! First come, first served.

Well, other than a couple of orders, I have absolutely NO work until Friday. There are so many things I want to do now that I have free time, but I’m sure the majority of my time will be spent on my couch…asleep. haha.

I drove up to OKC last night to see some of my favorite boys play at Selah. They played a great show and it was just a good night overall. I’ve been blessed with some awesome friends!

I’ll have pictures from the show up soon!

Three things:

1. Purple shampoo has turned my hair lavender blonde. Again.
2. I shouldn’t be allowed to drive an hour and a half with my windows down.
3. I’ve worn this dress three days in a row.

And I’m okay with all of this.
Probably because it’s beautiful out, I have all my windows open, and Rocky Votolato is playing on the record player.

And all four dogs are snoring.

Happy Sunday.


listen to. –> “streetlights” by rocky votolato.

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  1. These photos are great! You are good, girl! :)


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