bradley. –> 2009 senior.

Got to hang out with one of my senior reps Tuesday night! Bradley is an incredibly sweet kid and very laid back so his shoot was super easy.

We also brought his sister, Brittany, along for a couple of the locations. SUCH a sweet girl!
Isn’t she adorable?

And I absolutely love this…Bradley told me Brittany is interested in photography, so I let her take a couple of shots with my camera. I’ve always thought that some people just have the “eye” for photography, and I think it’s safe to say that Brittany has that “eye”. This was one of my favorite shots from the whole shoot and I had absolutely nothing to do with it, other than turning it black and white!

I may have to hire her as my assistant in the future. ;)

Alright…off to go get caught up on editing before I get behind again!


P.S. Sorry about the total blog fail earlier…I’m partially retarded sometimes.

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