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Thanks to everyone for the kind words about our sweet girl on Sunday! It feels good to not only KNOW now, but to be able to share with everyone else. :) I promised a little background about her name, so here goes. (Spoiler: It’s not that great of a story but I’m going to blab anyway. haha!)

I am a huge dork about names. I have a name list I started when I was 15, though we ended up not using a name on it…go figure. haha. We were positive that we didn’t want a name in the top 100, but we didn’t want a made-up name either. No crazy spellings, and nothing that couldn’t grow with her. We wanted something classic!

I also have a deep and unending love for Greek mythology and we even discussed having a little Artemis or Athena, but just never loved the names. My favorite myth is the story of Persephone and yes, for awhile there we considered naming her that and letting her go by Persie, Sephie, or whatever else we could come up with because we knew some people wouldn’t pronounce it correctly: “per-seff-oh-nee”. I still think Persephone is an absolutely beautiful name. (Our boy name we chose was from a Greek myth, but we’re holding onto that one!)

I came across the name Cordelia on a baby name site and fell in love with it. Mark had shot down most of my girl names but really loved this one, so it got bumped to the top of the list pretty quickly. We agreed that Cora would be an adorable nickname, and later that week I discovered that Kore (pronounced “Cora”) is an alternate name for Persephone.


I also came across this quote from Anne of Green Gables when Googling “Cordelia” (because who doesn’t Google potential baby names first?) and just couldn’t get over how much I loved it. I just ordered the book and I’m going to give it a read, and maybe look into getting this quote as an art print for little lady’s room.

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Sue is a family name and Miss Cordelia will be the fourth generation to carry it. I’m not a super traditional girl, but I do love that name and that she will now share it with me, her grandma, and her late great-grandma.

I know a lot of people are iffy about sharing names early on, but we’re looking forward to calling her by it and we love it so! :)

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baby Q :: boy or girl?

Eeeeee we’re so excited to get to fill everyone in on what this little babe is! We got to tell my family yesterday and Mark’s family and our friends today, and we were planning on waiting until tomorrow to tell everyone else but we’re slightly impatient. (Okay, I am. Not so much Mark.)


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Turns out all the dreams I was having were spot on..

gender reveal | indiejane photography

Our little girl is growing away and looking healthy as can be!

As soon as the ultrasound tech started looking around, I noticed there was nothing poking out between the legs and remember thinking “Oh my gosh, it’s a girl. Just say it’s a girl!” Finally after getting baby in the perfect position (after a lot of coercing) we were able to see that there was, in fact, nothing between those little legs. In true Amanda fashion, I immediately pointed at Mark and told him “I told you so!” After the third time he asked me to stop saying it because I was ruining the moment for him. haha.

The whole appointment was just so amazing to watch. We got to watch her practicing her breathing (our tech said it’s pretty rare to see this at this stage in pregnancy, as they’re just learning), swallowing, and got to see the little heart beating and legs and arms flailing around. I think we royally annoyed her because she ended up curled up in a ball with her hands over her ears. ;)

I’ll share a little bit about why we chose her name tomorrow! For now, take a look at our little mermaid…she totally looks like she has a little fishtail.

gender reveal | indiejane photography

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baby bump update :: 16 weeks (any gender guesses??)

Today’s date : April 17, 2014

How many weeks pregnant? : 16 weeks, 1 day

Which trimester are you in? : Second. And so happy about it. haha.

How many days until your due date? : T minus 167 days!

Have you told anyone about your pregnancy yet? : I’m blogging about it, so yes. ;)

Show off your bump! :

baby bump :: 16 weeks

How big is baby? : About the size of an avocado.

What milestones has your developing baby reached this week? : Baby Q’s circulatory system is now working, and he/she is growing little toenails.

What are some of your pregnancy symptoms? : General moodiness. ;) Nausea still off and on. And nosebleeds. So strange.

Any cravings? : Fried bean burritos from the gas station (I’m allowing myself only 1 or 2 per week haha), nachos, and taco salads. I guess baby likes Mexican food? I also drove 30 minutes round trip for donuts at 8 o’clock Tuesday night.

Any food aversions? : Chinese food (though I’m coming back around to it), eggs, and…tea. I know. It’s so strange. I’ve drank more coffee in the last three months than I have tea. Who am I?!

What was your best moment this week? : I actually had the energy to clean the house and get caught up on work!

What are you looking forward to next week? : Being able to call baby by his or her name. (Yes, we have names nailed down!)

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? : Um, all of them. Alllll of the emotions.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? : Not yet! I can’t button/zip my jeans but I’ve just been using a belly band. A lot of my leggings no longer fit either. :/

Have any stretch marks? : Nope, though something tells me I’m doomed.

How much weight have you gained? : I’ve oddly lost 2 pounds since my first appointment.

Has your belly button popped out? : Nope!

Felt any kicks? Describe the movement you feel. : I just felt the first little squirms last Saturday! I laid there forever trying to figure out if that was indeed what I was feeling. ha! Felt like a butterfly flopping around in there.

Know the gender yet? If not, what’s your intuition? What are you hoping for? What is dad hoping for? : We find out TODAY! (I’ll announce here on Monday, we are telling our families over the weekend.) My intuition is girl, but only because I’ve had a ton of dreams about a baby girl. We will be happy with either, but the thought of a boy scares me less than a girl. ;) Mark is totally convinced it’s a boy, to the point where he only calls it “he” and I have to correct him.

Have you decided on any names? : We have! We may share when we share the gender, haven’t really discussed it yet.

What has dad been up to this week? : School, work, internship.. Basically never home. haha.

How has your sleep been? : I’m weaning myself off Ambien currently (pray for me) so it’s been a little iffy but not horrible.

What are your dreams about? : I’ve always had weird dreams, pregnancy has just intensified it. They’re always nuts. The last few nights I’ve had various dreams about ultrasounds, all where we find out it’s a girl. If this baby is a boy, he’s a trickster.

Have you been “nesting”? What things have you been doing to prepare for baby’s arrival? : No nesting urges yet, but I wish they’d pop up this week so I’d be inspired to clean the house for Easter. ;) Not much has been done for baby’s arrival just yet, we’re waiting to get moved! (P.S. Our offer on that house FINALLY got accepted…we start inspections on Monday!)

Any guesses when you will go into labor? : I think it’s a little too far off to guess that. Lol. I did have a dream in February though that I had a baby girl with dark hair on October 3rd at 8:03pm, and she was 8lbs 3oz, 23in long. I woke up totally weirded out that it was so detailed!

So let’s take some votes.. Girl or boy? What do you think? ;)

girl or boy?

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