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I keep thinking about this little blog lately and all the things I want to share and, quite frankly, I don’t know where to begin. This year has been such a roller coaster, and it’s only April. APRIL! We are a mere third of the way through 2014.

Instead of making individual posts about everything, I’m just going to go with the bullet point route. If you don’t want to read all this, lord knows I understand. This is primarily for me to have to look back on when I remember this time.

- We were surprised with a pregnancy in early February. (Hello, you all know this. haha.)
- We nixed our Sept. 27 wedding plans since our due date is four days after our wedding date. We currently have no idea when we will get married, other than it will be in 2015. We opted out of a “shotgun wedding”. ;)
- We made the decision to go ahead and move closer to OKC. We started looking for houses immediately after finding out we have a baby on the way. We had planned on doing this in November after the wedding, but I want to be moved and settled before Cordelia gets here.
- We made an offer on one house, one that we considered at the time to be our dream house. The inspection came back and we learned there was up to $20,000 in structural damage…it wouldn’t even pass an inspection to obtain a home loan. We dropped the contract and grudgingly moved on.
- We made an offer on another house, one that I was “eh” about. It was a foreclosure, and to this day we still never heard back from the bank with an accept/deny/counter offer. Whatever.
- We made an offer on what we hope to be our final house recently. (The one I’ve spoken about here.) We had inspections done on Monday, everything came back great…other than the water well. The water was murky brown and smelled like sulfur. We are currently in the process of seeing what our options are for that. If we can come up with a solution for it, we are definitely snagging that house. It’s a dream, minus what I have lovingly dubbed “the poop water”.
- Mark’s schedule is insane and I rarely see him. He leaves on Mondays for class in OKC, travels to Tulsa to intern for Hanson’s studio (3CG) on Tuesdays (he helped record Miley Cyrus and Wayne Coyne last month…crazy), Wednesdays and Thursdays he has class in OKC, he comes home on Thursday afternoons then works 7pm-7am Thursday-Saturday and sleeps until 2 or 3pm each day. After he wakes up on Sunday afternoon, we get a few hours together before I head off to shoots. We only sleep in the same bed on Sunday nights, even though we live together.
- My schedule has also been batshit crazy. I’m trying to keep my head above water with senior shoots and weddings. April knocks me off my feet every year.
- I made the decision to no longer shoot weddings next year, and I’ll be taking September-January off from shoots. Partly to settle into motherhood, partly because I need a break.
- Possibly the biggest curveball we’ve been thrown lately.. My mom recently found out she has stage 2 breast cancer. The last week or so have been spent at doctor appointments, learning about options, and waiting waiting waiting. She’s scheduled for a mastectomy on May 6th and will begin chemo following that. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
- My grandpa was also diagnosed with lung cancer in February and is currently undergoing chemo and radiation and living with my mom, and my great uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer last month. Basically, fuck cancer. I mean really. How do we not have a cure yet?

In light of everything, there is still so much to be thankful for. We have a healthy baby on the way that we are SO excited about, we went through all those crappy house situations and ended up with what we believe to be “our” house with only one issue that IS solvable (the question is cost), Mark is almost done with school and his internship and we’ll have the whole summer and beyond together, my senior season ends next week and I don’t have another wedding until 5/17 so I have time to get caught up and help take care of Mom, I’m able to look forward to a great “maternity leave” with my girl for several months this Fall/Winter, Mom’s cancer was caught early and her doctor has high hopes for a full recovery, my grandpa appears to be responding to chemo beautifully, and my great uncle is undergoing treatments for his cancer and is in good spirits.

I will admit to being a typically pessimistic person and crashing when things go wrong and just generally having a bad attitude, but for whatever reason I’m learning to take things as they come, work out solutions, stay calm, and take baby steps towards the right direction. We are all exhausted…but this is only a season and there are greater things to come.

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cordelia sue.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words about our sweet girl on Sunday! It feels good to not only KNOW now, but to be able to share with everyone else. :) I promised a little background about her name, so here goes. (Spoiler: It’s not that great of a story but I’m going to blab anyway. haha!)

I am a huge dork about names. I have a name list I started when I was 15, though we ended up not using a name on it…go figure. haha. We were positive that we didn’t want a name in the top 100, but we didn’t want a made-up name either. No crazy spellings, and nothing that couldn’t grow with her. We wanted something classic!

I also have a deep and unending love for Greek mythology and we even discussed having a little Artemis or Athena, but just never loved the names. My favorite myth is the story of Persephone and yes, for awhile there we considered naming her that and letting her go by Persie, Sephie, or whatever else we could come up with because we knew some people wouldn’t pronounce it correctly: “per-seff-oh-nee”. I still think Persephone is an absolutely beautiful name. (Our boy name we chose was from a Greek myth, but we’re holding onto that one!)

I came across the name Cordelia on a baby name site and fell in love with it. Mark had shot down most of my girl names but really loved this one, so it got bumped to the top of the list pretty quickly. We agreed that Cora would be an adorable nickname, and later that week I discovered that Kore (pronounced “Cora”) is an alternate name for Persephone.


I also came across this quote from Anne of Green Gables when Googling “Cordelia” (because who doesn’t Google potential baby names first?) and just couldn’t get over how much I loved it. I just ordered the book and I’m going to give it a read, and maybe look into getting this quote as an art print for little lady’s room.

cordelia sue | indiejane photography

Sue is a family name and Miss Cordelia will be the fourth generation to carry it. I’m not a super traditional girl, but I do love that name and that she will now share it with me, her grandma, and her late great-grandma.

I know a lot of people are iffy about sharing names early on, but we’re looking forward to calling her by it and we love it so! :)

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baby Q :: boy or girl?

Eeeeee we’re so excited to get to fill everyone in on what this little babe is! We got to tell my family yesterday and Mark’s family and our friends today, and we were planning on waiting until tomorrow to tell everyone else but we’re slightly impatient. (Okay, I am. Not so much Mark.)


gender reveal | indiejane photography
Turns out all the dreams I was having were spot on..

gender reveal | indiejane photography

Our little girl is growing away and looking healthy as can be!

As soon as the ultrasound tech started looking around, I noticed there was nothing poking out between the legs and remember thinking “Oh my gosh, it’s a girl. Just say it’s a girl!” Finally after getting baby in the perfect position (after a lot of coercing) we were able to see that there was, in fact, nothing between those little legs. In true Amanda fashion, I immediately pointed at Mark and told him “I told you so!” After the third time he asked me to stop saying it because I was ruining the moment for him. haha.

The whole appointment was just so amazing to watch. We got to watch her practicing her breathing (our tech said it’s pretty rare to see this at this stage in pregnancy, as they’re just learning), swallowing, and got to see the little heart beating and legs and arms flailing around. I think we royally annoyed her because she ended up curled up in a ball with her hands over her ears. ;)

I’ll share a little bit about why we chose her name tomorrow! For now, take a look at our little mermaid…she totally looks like she has a little fishtail.

gender reveal | indiejane photography

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