bump update :: 36 weeks.

Today’s date : September 5th, 2014

How many weeks pregnant? : 36 weeks, 2 days.

Which trimester are you in? : Third

How many days until your due date? : 25. Ahhh!

Show off your bump! : (I had a bit of a fabric softener fiasco with this dress but I figured I’d ride it out since I only have a few more weeks. haha.)


How big is baby? : About how long her birth length will be! Somewhere around 18-21 inches. Weight-wise, she’s gaining about an ounce a day now and creeping up on her birth weight, likely somewhere between 6-8lbs.

What milestones has your developing baby reached this week? : Still working on that baby fat! She’s also been pretty squirmy, which makes me think she’s working on getting into the perfect position for her grand entrance!

What are some of your pregnancy symptoms? : Back pain when sitting too long. Heartburn. Feet swelling. Peeing constantly. Officially walking with a full-on waddle. The typical symptoms. ;)

Any cravings? : Ice, oddly. I’ve lately been ordering a large lime water from Sonic and it’s completely gone (water, ice, and limes) within half an hour. And Ethiopian food! We have a date night soon to try out the Ethiopian place in OKC. I need Shurro Wat somethin’ fierce.

Any food aversions? : Nope.

What was your best moment this week? : Technically this was last weekend, but.. We got her car seat bases installed in both our cars and finished up buying everything for our home birth! We also finished up her room (finally) and I made a birth playlist. We’ll see if I actually use it. haha.

What are you looking forward to next week? : My maternity leave begins on Monday, so my focus will be 100% on relaxing and enjoying these final few weeks.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? : Relief. We’ve (somehow) managed to get virtually everything done and that totally shocks me. haha.

Are you wearing maternity clothes yet? : The few pieces I have, yes. Still just wearing maxi dresses a lot. It’s been sooo hot outside!

Have any stretch marks? : Still no stretch marks! My mind is blown. I do think they’ll pop up eventually though. haha.

How much weight have you gained? : About 20lbs.

Has your belly button popped out? : Yep, so much so that strangers comment on it. It didn’t just flatten, that sucker is now an outie.

Felt any kicks? Describe the movement you feel. : Less “kicks” now, more beating the shit out of me. ha. And royally creeping out people who happen to glance at my belly when she’s sticking her butt up or running her foot/knee down my side.

What has dad been up to this week? : Working at the hospital and recording music! We’re hoping he’s able to work enough to be able to take some time off when Cora gets here.

How has your sleep been? : Eh. I wake up about 5-8 times a night to pee and it takes me forever to roll over, but when I’m sleeping it’s good sleep so I can’t complain. I’m still two months Ambien-free! :)

What are your dreams about? : Nothing notable.

Have you been “nesting”? What things have you been doing to prepare for baby’s arrival? : I don’t think so.. I haven’t felt any “Oh my gosh I have to clean/organize this right now!” type of urges. Maybe in the next couple of weeks? As far as preparing, just buying all the last minute items and doing lots of reading up on labor and those first few weeks with a newborn.

Any guesses when you will go into labor? : I always thought she would come a little early and we would have a September baby, but now that it’s closer I’m not sure. I’m starting to think I may go past my due date now. But that’s okay…she can bake as long as she needs to, I’ll waddle a little longer. ;)

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what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe.

what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe (maternity style) | indiejane photography
what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe (maternity style) | indiejane photography
what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe (maternity style) | indiejane photography
what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe (maternity style) | indiejane photography
what i wore :: the dwindling wardrobe (maternity style) | indiejane photography

black maxi dress :: forever 21
white tank :: old navy
necklaces :: forever 21
booties :: forever 21

When I first found out I was pregnant, I confess I was really excited about doing a maternity style series. I thought for sure I’d be able to wear a lot of my regular clothes and not need to spend any money on maternity clothes and I could share with other mamas-to-be how I did it.

Oh sweet naive Amanda.

Here we are several months down the road and my wardrobe has dwindled TREMENDOUSLY. None of my old jeans/shorts/etc fit with a belly band (hello hips!), practically all my shirts are too short or too tight (hello boobs!), my skirts look like circus tents, my dresses are too short and my hips are too big for leggings. To top it off, my feet have grown and a large chunk of my shoes don’t fit anymore. As someone who loves getting dressed and coming up with outfits.. This has been a bummer.

So I’ve spent a LOT of my summer in my sole pair of maternity shorts, 4 or 5 maternity t-shirts, and 5 or so maxi dresses. Granted, I haven’t had much time to really think through outfits lately anyway!

If I did it all over again, I’d keep my eyes peeled for sales on maternity clothes and snatch them up gradually throughout my pregnancy instead of being shit out of luck come month 8. ;) But hey…we’re almost there!

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for sale :: Canon 5D Mark III

UPDATE : Camera has been sold! Thank you to everyone who shared! :)

Hey guys! I’ve been looking into selling my primary camera to get caught up on some bills (no worries, we have another camera and I’ll be re-buying the Mark III after my maternity leave!)…anyone interested? Here are the details:

for sale :: canon 5D mark III

Canon 5D Mark III, body only
In great condition, no flaws
Purchased new two years ago (one owner)
Includes all original accessories, packaging, paperwork, and box
Pick-up in OKC or Duncan area (or anywhere in between)
OR I’ll ship if you’ll cover shipping costs and insurance!

Asking $2800 OBO. You can email me at [email protected] (or just click “contact” in the menu bar above!) if you’re interested or have any questions! Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who may be interested, we need to get this sold ASAP. :)

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