cora at 4 months.

Cora turned 4 months old on Monday! And yeah, I forgot her sticker yet again so there’s definitely some bad photoshopping. haha!

cora at 4 months | indiejane photography

Weight: 13lbs 8oz (47th percentile)
Height: 27in (99th percentile)
– The itsy bitsy spider
– Goat noises
– Sitting in her high chair while Mom and Dad cook dinner
– Pooping out of her diaper when in said high chair
– Sophie the giraffe
– Playtime on her activity gym
– Mom’s dancing
– Her thumb
– Bubble Guppies
– Rolling from her back to her belly any chance she can get
– Screaming…for fun
– Chewing on her toes
– Downright REFUSING to do tummy time…I’m convinced our child will never crawl. Sigh.

Wearing: 3-6 month / 6 month clothes (+ most 9 month t-shirts), and ready for size 2 diapers once we finish her last package of 1’s. She has the most hilariously small butt. haha.

Sleeping: Aside from a random few nights where the four month sleep regression struck our household, she’s still a champion sleeper. Like typically 8:30pm-8:30am straight. Nap-wise, she’s a catnapper but we’re working on trying the 2-3-4 nap schedule to get down to two good naps and so far so good!

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one year ago.

On this day one year ago, a package arrived in the mail. I had ordered it several days beforehand, after waking up at 2am with yet another pregnancy dream and my fourth day in a row of feeling nauseated. In the package sat three pregnancy tests from Amazon.. If you live in a small town where everyone talks, you know the benefit of ordering these types of things online. ;)

I had spent the last several days convincing myself I was being silly, so I didn’t even take the test immediately. I got dressed, drove into town, and ran some errands. Then I came home and popped a buffalo chicken sandwich into the microwave and decided to go take the test while it was cooking. I left the test sitting on the bathroom counter while it processed and went to eat my sandwich. As I was walking down the hall to go check out the result, I realized something: I was telling myself not to be disappointed if it was negative. Somehow, I had already fallen in love with the idea of having a baby, even though we had just discussed not wanting kids for a little while. I really really wanted that test to be positive.

one year ago. | indiejane photography

And there it was.

Thus began the biggest whirlwind of a year I’ve ever experienced, and here we are one year later with the most amazing little girl.

one year ago. | indiejane photography

Happy one year of loving your very existence, Cordelia Sue.

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the sky’s still blue.

We had a few warm days not too long ago and I had Cora outside as much as possible. The only downside to having a fall baby is by the time they’re old enough to enjoy being outside, it’s sooo stinkin cold! So we went on a little trek to our mailbox one afternoon without worrying about frozen toes.

the sky's still blue | indiejane photography
the sky's still blue | indiejane photography
the sky's still blue | indiejane photography
the sky's still blue | indiejane photography

This was her first time riding in her stroller without being in her carseat and she loved being able to see everything!

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